12-years-experienced practical expert in the field of marketing and finance in Retail, Amazon sphere and e-Commerce

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Hello! My name is Yulia, I'm a 14-years-experienced practical expert in the field of marketing and finance in Retail, Amazon sphere and e-Commerce. I used to work with such a well-known companies as Global Spirits, Carlsberg Ukraine, Bunge, Nestle Ukraine, Coca-Cola, who trusted me and during our partnership we organized more than 100 events.


Further, I began to deep my knowledge and decided to move from offline to online. So, I started my development in Amazon sphere with the first challenge – to strengthen the position of young brands 'Braviloni' and 'QaQadu' the US market.


While creating a new product I started from the smallest steps and finished with the biggest decisions that helped to successfully launched the product and changed the position of the brand on the market. After the rebranding of the leading products in the portfolio of 'Braviloni' and 'QaQadu', the brand awareness increased, so as the customer loyalty and that pushed the brands to set the TOP-5 sales leaders' positions in theirs niches.


I never stop in self-development, so after my success, I decided to conquer a new peak - to create and develop the new AZBO brand, the brand of electric skateboards, bicycles and bikes on the US market and Amazon marketplace. As a result, I've launched a new sales channel – an online store based on the Shopify platform - www.azboskateboards.com.


I'm constantly developing my horizons, so in 2019 I used to be a speaker at a workshop at Kyiv State University of Economics for bachelors and masters in Economics and Management Dept. I've presented a quite challenged topic “Amazon Private Label. Insights & Fackups during 'Braviloni' StartUp's development. In 2018, I've taken part in many conferences and the largest were 'e-Commerce conf', 'Innovation Market', 'Kyiv iGaming Affiliate Conference' and in 2015 even had an opportunity to be a speaker in 'Ukraine National Forum'.


As a conclusion, I believe that an expert must be well-developed in the sphere, where he/she works, so you can look through the list of courses on my site, that I've graduated, as well as find the information about my professional achievements.

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